About us

WEED'D is a newborn Milanese brand of design-centered smoking objects.

It sees in the act of smoking not only a chance to get high, but an opportunity to slow down, relax and take a break from the hectic pace of modern life, while attempting to challenge the traditional narrative associated to cannabis use.


Born in 2022 as an initial spin-off of WOOD'D, WEED'D makes use of a network of young and professionals in the Milanese creative scene. Holding strong to the belief that a different approach to the topic is more than necessary, and good design could be the key of it.

“Objects for smoking: three different designers reinvent the bong. If a model exists, it can be emulated and even surpassed. But what if there’s no model? Three designers decided to explore a novel testing ground.”

Domus Magazine, April 2022.

All the products are designed, conceived and produced in Italy. Partnering with traditional manufactures all over the national landscape.

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WEED'D is a project by WOOD'D SRL — Viale 2 Giugno 3/3A Arconate 20020 MI — IT08802690969