WEED'D is the newborn Milanese brand that offers smoking design objects, designed in Italy and produced in limited quantities by traditional manufacturing companies located throughout the country.


Make your smoking experience 420% better with the limited edition, handmade ceramic pipe & pot from Weed’d, and the Actually Curious Culture Edition with 52 questions that will get you talking about the music, brands, art, and culture you love. A match made in heaven 💨

  • Hey, come explore rad stores where our dope products are sold, plus catch us at pop-up shops for extra awesomeness and exclusive vibes. Get ready to discover the beauty!

  • We craft our creations in Italy, collaborating with top-notch artisans who masterfully mold ceramic. Our dedication to quality shines through each piece, making them true works of art.


Blog posts

  1. Milan Design Week 2023

    Milano, it was nice! Some snaps from #MilanDesignWeek 2023's party with @madhouse.group ⁠⁠Thanks for coming by, together we're stronger 🖤⁠⁠   ...
  2. Editorial: Gossamer Magazine

    Gossamer doing it right! “THE BIG BONG THEORY”! We are beyond proud to be featured in the latest issue of @gossamer, leader magazine for a more m...
  3. Editorial: Studio Pesca x WEED'D

    WEED'D Editorial by Studio Pesca. Friends will be friends! We teamed up with the girls from Studio Fresca to deliver the hypest editorial around We...

"There’s always a company looking to challenge the norms of traditional cannabis use, but one coming from the world’s fashion hub is a game-changer"


"If you need further proof cannabis culture is no longer content hiding itself away in a corner, look no further than WEED'D, led by Simone Bonanni"


"As cannabis continues to become legalised in countries around the world, designers and architects are creating products and experiences to reflect this"